National leads in Community Snap Poll

National is the most preferred Party of the Indian community in Auckland according to a snap poll held over the weekend. The Party received 50.5%... Full story

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National needs three more years of engagement

The election campaign is in full swing and I am enjoying the opportunity to travel...

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Labour wants better deal for New Zealanders

Labour has always stood beside our Indian communities and we always will. Now, with...


Facebook comments can become defamation cases

In a High Court case decided in April this year (Karam v Parker and Anor...

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Innovative spirit lifts the degree of success

I have been the ‘Challenger up against the big guys,’ for much of my career. Originally from Dunfermline, Scotland, I have worked in the telecommunications... Full story


Good governance puts National ahead of others

National heads to the election with New Zealand on track to Budget surplus this year, backed by good growth, more jobs, and higher incomes. ... Full story


Constituents come before Cabinet

I am so pleased to be the Member of Parliament for Papakura but by now you will all have seen the news that I have... Full story


Labour policies win hands down over others

You would have seen Labour’s election message by now – Vote Positive. When we chose it months ago, we felt that it represented Labour... Full story


Good policies come in red package

  In my first article (Indian Newslink, July 15, 2014), I discussed the concept of Indian identity and challenged the notion of one ‘authentic’ Indian.   As it... Full story


Labour values strengthen New Zealand

I am honoured to have been chosen to take Ross Robertson’s place as the Labour Party candidate for Manukau East. After 27 years of... Full story


New Zealand First at the heart of recovery

  To be great again, New Zealand needs to look after the baby just born, the worker and the business wanting a fair deal, and those... Full story


Greens aspire for progress through better pastures

As the election approaches, we need to focus on what is important. This election is about crucial choices. The Green Party is asking you for your... Full story


Immigration will suffer under any form of coalition

Since the Election campaign started, I have been frequently asked by clients how Election 2014 will affect immigration to New Zealand.   Immigration is not a major... Full story


Indians add colour to political canvas

Election 2014 will witness a number of candidates of Indian origin in the electoral arena. Census 2013 identified people of Indian ethnicity as the fourth largest... Full story


Labour’s job for youth policy good in parts

There are some sensible ideas in Labour’s Youth Employment Policy, but others would make it harder to employ young people. The sensible ideas include a personalised... Full story


Fifteen Parties in the fray

Smaller Parties, some of them virtually unknown, are among the aspirants in the general election due to be held on September 20, 2014. According to the... Full story

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