100 Organisations demand closure of Christian Council of Korea

100 Organisations demand closure of Christian Council of Korea

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Seoul, South Korea, January 29, 2019

More than 30,000 men and women representing over 100 organisations took to the streets in Gwanghwamun in South Korea on Sunday (January 27, 2019) demanding the closure of The Christian Council of Korea (CCK).

Sea of People at the Gwanghwamun in Seoul on January 27, 2019

“The CCK is a source of shame for the country and religion in global society,” was among the slogans that they raised at the mammoth rally.

“The Christian Council is well-known for corruption and anti-nation, anti-society and anti-religious actions.”

The Global Citizens’ Human Rights Coalition (GCHRC) Secretary General Shinchang Kim hosted the Rally and a Press Conference to raise the voice of representing organisations against the CCK.

Protestors hold placards with their demands

Influential Representatives

Prominent among them were the International Women’s Peace Human Rights Commission (represented by its Chairperson Seoyeon Lee), Christian Association for Anti-Corruption National Movement (President Hyangyeol Oh), IPYG Youth’s Human Rights Committee (Steering Committee Member Minhyeok Seo) and World Buddhist Summit (Korea Representative Monk Hyewon).

The GCHRC noted the upcoming CCK Chairperson election on January 29, 2019 and the appeal that the Christian Council be granted indemnity for its various crimes.

12,000 Convictions

A Communique said that the CCK “benefits the enemy,” with its historical roots in the pro-Japanese Presbyterian Church which supported shrine worship.

“Over the past 10 years, there were 12,000 convictions in which pastors of the CCK were declared guilty of murder, sexual abuse, fraud and other offences. The CCK is responsible for causing murder by instigating coercive conversion programmes for profit,” the Communique said.

It said that CCK is a hotbed of false news that divides the people and throws the nation into confusion, emphasising that such actions on the part of the CCK are a disgrace in global society for religion as well as for the country.

At the Press Conference, officials of representative organisations described the CCK as a ‘Pro-Japanese turncoat Organisation’ and that its activities have caused ‘grave reputational damage to South Korea.’

“President Moon and his government should heed the voices of law-abiding citizens, and protect their human rights. We request the rapid enactment of a ‘law to ban and punish coercive conversion programmes’ to end coercive conversion which suppresses the God-given right to freedom of religion,” they said.

The above Press Release and pictures were sent by the New Zealand Branch of the Association for Victims of Coercive Conversion Programs (AVCCP).


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