$100,000 interest free loan to first home buyers

Venkat Raman

Auckland, August 6, 2017

The New Zealand Peoples Party will offer $100,000 interest-free loan to first home buyers in Auckland and $60,000 to buyers in other areas, its Leader Roshan Nauhria announced here this evening.

Speaking at the Campaign Launch of his Party at the Fickling Convention Centre in Three Kings, Auckland this evening, he said that if his Party becomes a partner in the next government after the General Election on September 23, he would ensure that its Home Policy is implemented fully.

Five-Year Facility

“Provision of $100,000 interest-free loan would be in place for the first five years. Thereafter, the loan can be renewed at the existing market interest rate subject to the approval of the lending institutions. This amount would be over and above what the government already provides and the amount accruing from KiwiSaver.

People in other parts of New Zealand would be eligible for $60,000 on the same terms,” he said.

Mr Nauhria said that contrary to what other political parties may think and criticise, the cost of this initiative would be no more than $150 million per year, a small price compared to the benefit it will accrue to at least 6000 families every year.

“We have chosen six candidates for the ensuing election. We request people’s Party Vote and if we can obtain about 180,000 votes, we will be a part of the next government working for all New Zealanders. Our Party is for everyone, irrespective of ethnicities,” he said.

Salient Features

Anil Sharma, General Secretary outlined the salient features of his Party’s Immigration and Law and Order policies and emphasised the need for more immigrants and tougher laws to ensure safety of businesses and individuals.

Earlier, Mr Nauhria alleged that a majority of overstayers were people from Britain.

“Not Indian or Chinese,” he said.

Indian Newslink will carry an analysis of the New Zealand People’s Party’s policies in its August 15, 2017 issue.

Pictures here show Roshan Nauhria and Anil Sharma speaking. The group picture features the six candidates who are (from left) Lily Yao, Joann Wu, Steven Ching, Roshan Nauhria, Anil Sharma and Sree Nampally.


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