15 years make Miss Indianz unique and inimitable

Venkat Raman 

As the curtain goes up on the evening of Saturday, September 16, 2017 at 630 pm at Auckland’s prestigious Town Hall (in the Central Business District), a cavalcade of colours, glitter, fashion, music and dance will appear, ringing in the 15th Annual Miss Indianz cultural bonanza.

Challenge and satisfaction

For a small company such as Rhythm House Events Limited (aka Reshab D Productions), it is a significant milestone. Fifteen years may signify nothing for a few but for this company and its founder-director Dharmesh Parikh, they represent achievement and pride.

Since 2002, year after year, Dharmesh has faced challenges, solutions, blossoming friendships, fading relations, helping hands and betrayals. Yet, he has stood firm with his steadfast belief in providing a platform for young talents to blossom and people to be entertained.

He and his supporters have had nothing to complain.

The 15th Annual Edition on September 16, 2017 would be no exception.

Town Hall transformation

“Town Hall will be transformed into a Bollywood Wonderland as 22 gorgeous Kiwi-Indian contestants go for gold, hoping to be crowned Miss Indianz 2017. As they battle in a wide variety of categories, the audience will be treated to an extravaganza of fashion, music and dance that blend the very best of Indian and New Zealand cultures,” Rhythm House producer and director Dharmesh Parikh said.

He said that for those who love fanfare and razzle-dazzle, this event should not be missed. It is the ultimate celebration of Kiwi-Indian culture, showcasing a unique and diverse mix of ethnic backgrounds and passions, he said.

Sell-Out Show

“There is no debate over the popularity of Miss Indianz. Every year it is a sell-out show and this year, it promises the most spectacular yet. A few tickets may be available for those who make a quick contact.

“This year, we have upgraded the glamour factor by bringing back haute couture and designer ethnic wear from the House of SVARN. We will also be using the latest technology to create the most elaborate visuals yet to be seen in the 15-year history of Miss Indianz. It would be an incredible and magical night,” Mr Parikh said.

The Talent Night held last weekend (at Old Fort Eatery in the Chancery at Auckland CBD), he said, demonstrated the versatility of some of the Miss Indianz contestants.

As well as moments of self-assertion at Q&A session, the participants will have an opportunity to be crowned not just Miss Indianz Crown but also win other titles such as Miss Talent, Miss Potential Model and Miss Popular.

Masters of Ceremonies include Hemant Parikh, Jacinta Lal and Melanie Ramsden. The Judging Panel comprises Colin Mathura-Jeffree, Eric Ngan, Julia Parnell, Akshita Patel Nama and Lesley Pearce.

Miss Indianz

15th Annual Event

Saturday, September 16, 2017 at 730 pm

Townhall, Auckland CBD

Tickets on sale now



(Pictures of Talent Night of Miss Indianz 2017 participants by Jasmine Sheikh, Freestyle Event Photography, Auckland)

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