Happiness, the destination of all dreams – Model of the Fortnight

Cashing worldly pleasures may be a part of human ambition but true happiness is a state of mind that can be achieved without material possessions, says Neera Dang, our Model of the Fortnight.

Her striking pose in a picture sent by Dharmesh Parikh of Rhythm House Limited and Rhythm Events Management, organisers of Miss Indianz prompted us to ask this young woman to send us a few more pictures. The result is sparkling on this page.

“Like most people, I also have my dreams, the most significant of which is a progressive career. I am happy that I was able to successfully complete Bachelor of Business Studies (with accounting as a major subject) and launch my career at a popular accounting firm in Wellington. I am keen to be involved in ‘Cloud Accounting,’ which is encouraging an increasing number of accountants to become computer literates,” she said.

Neera hopes to gain the full accreditation of Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand, having completed her studies recently.

Exciting destination

Born and raised in Delhi, Neera migrated to New Zealand six years ago with her family comprising her parents and younger sister ‘to dream and achieve more.’

“I like to get out of mu comfort zone, explore, experience and enjoy. I want to live all my dreams, seek happiness and help people obtain similar joy. I was inspired by the call made by the organisers of Miss Indianz. I am a participant in this year’s event and I look forward to the event with excitement and anxiety. I am not interested in the result as much as I am in the process, which is the main thing. Modelling can become a part of my life,” she said and asked the two all-searching questions, “Who knows and what worse can happen?”

Neera also believes in family values and the importance of staying together. She dotes over her younger sister, a law student with dreams of becoming a popular legal counsel.

“Again, life is about dreaming and achieving,” she said.

Traditional values

Neera is constantly conscious of her mission in life, which is to progress in her chosen career with dignity and honour. She believes that success comes to those who dare to try without compromising principles and time-tested traditional and moral values.

“My parents have given me so much in life that the best way to repay my gratitude is to live their dream as a successful person,” she said.

-Venkat Raman

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