2degrees, Mercury Printz among Awards Sponsors

We are happy to announce that 2degrees Mobile Limited and Mercury Printz, both Auckland based companies, have joined our galaxy of Sponsors of Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards 2013.

2degrees is the Sponsor of the ‘Best Small Business’ category for the third consecutive year, while Mercury Printz is the Sponsor of the ‘Business Excellence in Customer Service’ Category this year.

As the fastest growing mobile telephone company in New Zealand, 2degrees is a strong supporter of small businesses. Its thorough understanding of the market trends has enabled the company to register more than one million customers throughout the country in less than three years.

Helping SMEs

“At 2degrees, we mean business. We are here because we understand what it is like to run a small business; we were once a small business too. We were not so keen on the ‘usual’ story, and hence we set about to make things fairer and better,” Malcolm Phillipps, Chief Marketing Officer said.

“We love to celebrate the success of others both within our business and within our local communities. We are therefore pleased to be the Sponsor of the ‘Best Small Business’ category of the Indian Newslink IBA,” he added.

Mr Phillipps said that the past few years have been tough on small and emerging businesses in New Zealand and hence his Company is proud to recognise those that have succeeded in these difficult economic times.

“2degrees is here to help support businesses every step of the way, whether you are a sole trader, small business owner or work in a medium-sized enterprise. We can offer you great value, flexible plans that will equip your business and your team to stay connected,” he said.

Great impression

Mercury Printz Director Ilango Krishnamoorthy said that achieving customer satisfaction through good customer service has been the driving force behind the success of his company, which will enter its 25th year of operations shortly.

“Quality, reliability, honesty and integrity have been the hallmarks of our success and we are proud that we have always strived to exceed customer expectations. As a customer-driven Company, Mercury Printz is pleased to sponsor the ‘Business Excellence in Customer Service’ Category of IBA 2013,” he said.

As mentioned in another report appearing under Homelink of this issue, Mercury Printz does not employ sales personnel because it believes that well-served and well-satisfied customers are the best publicists and marketing experts.

“We believe that every company that promotes the best interests of its people – customers, suppliers, staff and stakeholders – would succeed in their business. We are happy to celebrate the success of the high achievers in Customer Service by sponsoring this Category of the Awards,” Mr Ilango said.

He said that Mercury Printz has developed a comprehensive range of services and skills designed to meet the needs of its clients.

“We offer a team of experienced and skilled tradesmen who will assure satisfaction and success for your next print job,” he said.

Title Sponsor

As published earlier, BNZ is the Title Sponsor of the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards for the third successive year.


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