A chance for us to move forward

Voters in New Zealand will get to evaluate issues raised by Labour and National, the two major parties as they go to polls on November 26, 2011.

They must however remember that New Zealand’s future, progress and development over the next decade will depend on their choice this year.

Candidates contesting in the General Election must deal with New Zealand’s emergence as a strong multicultural society.

With the changing demographics and even smaller Parties fielding cosmopolitan candidates, the voters would face the challenge of exercising their franchise to the right candidate who would represent them in Parliament and serve them to the best of their ability.

The Pakuranga Constituency in East Auckland is one such challenging electorate.

It comprises Pakuranga, Sunny Hills, Farm Cove, Half Moon Bay, Bucklands Beach Highland Park, Howick, Melons Bay and Eastern Beach.

This Constituency has undergone significant changes over the years, influenced mainly by the evolving demographic and multiethnic factors. Pakuranga today accounts for people of European (60%), Asian (30% including Indian and Chinese) and Maori and Pacific (10%) origin.

Multi-faith Constituency

The religious diversity of about 60,000 strong population in the electorate includes people of Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Maori Christian, Muslim and Sikh faiths. Almost 45% of residents here were born overseas.

I am privileged to represent Labour as the Party’s candidate in this Constituency. I have surging confidence because I am equipped with my Party’s bold plan to grow the economy, ensuring the success of every New Zealander in every field.

I intend to knock on every door, meet people, understand their needs, ambitions, difficulties and frustrations and try to address them. I am encouraged by my experience in senior management in the hospitality and tourism industry to treat every person with respect, listen to their opinions and serve them to the best of my ability. I am confident that the people in the Pakuranga constituency will accept me as their representative.

I am aware that New Zealanders are fair-minded and expect their representatives in Parliament to be accessible, honest, transparent and accountable. I have imbibed these qualities as family values and tradition. I will bring these qualities to public life as your representative in Parliament.

People are the most important part of any country and the most significant promoter of democracy and its ideals. It is therefore important that every person who is eligible to vote is registered with the Electoral Commission and exercises his or her choice at the Election.

I look forward to meeting my constituents and getting to know them better. I will be available to them at all times.

Sunny Kaushal can be contacted on 021-2629595

Email: labournz@msn.com


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