A crucial election to decide our destiny

The ensuing General Election on November 26 will be the most important poll in a generation. It would be a serious choice about New Zealand’s future.

I appeal to all eligible voters to cast their vote. If you wish, you can also vote in advance before the election date.

Being a valued resident of New Zealand, you have been contributing your best towards the nation over the years, paying taxes and building the community.

This is a critical time for you to exercise your mandate in the democratic process, take your own precious decision than listening to what others are saying.

This is a time to choose what is best for the future of nation, your family and children and ensure quality of life.

This is time to choose the Party that has a long-term vision; a Party that has the courage to take bold decisions in the interest of the country and its people.

Please choose the candidate who would truly represent the wider community in today’s cosmopolitan New Zealand, one who understands you well and would be able to make your voice heard. You need a candidate who is accessible and available to listen to you as and when required on local issues.

Economic debacle

Our economy is in trouble. We have a huge national debt. Our credit rating has been downgraded. Jobs are scarce and the cost of living is skyrocketing. We also face an ageing population.

The current Government may not have caused all these problems, but has done nothing to address them. Things are getting tougher for Kiwi families, which is why you have a choice between short-term fixes and long-term solutions.

While it is important to pay back our country’s debt, the solution is not in selling off our assets, such as Air New Zealand, Kiwi Bank and power stations. New Zealanders have built these assets over many years. We own them. They make good profits, pay attractive dividends and therefore foreigners have set their eyes on them.

The gap between the rich and the poor is growing. Many New Zealanders are not paid enough. Over the last three years, median household income rose 2.5% while consumer prices rose by 9%.

Fair Taxes

Labour’s plan is to have in place a fairer tax system, ensuring that everyone pays his or her share. Such a system, along with the proposed Capital Gains Tax, will enable the country to become debt-free and order a brighter future.

We also need to encourage private savings. Our KiwiSaver Scheme will enable us to achieve this objective.

The National Government promised that it would not cut KiwiSaver but went back on that promise. They have gone back on almost all promises including Working for Families, student loans and GST.

Under (Prime Minister) John Key’s watch, 100,000 New Zealanders have left permanently for Australia. Right now, there just are not enough jobs. The economy has stalled. The wage gap has widened.

Employing youth

Labour will train more apprentices and take 9000 young people off the dole.

We will channel their dole payments into employer subsidies. We will get them working in Canterbury and other places. We will invest in our young people to get them into work and support the businesses who employ them.

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