A definitive art that gives debutantes their due

A Note on Ambika Krishnamoorthy and her Arangetram on February 25

Bharata Natyam is stated to be a definitive art that extols its Creator Lord Shiva, the Universe, the Earth and Life itself.

As well as bespeaking the rich cultural and social heritage of India, replete with piety and purity, Bharata Natyam also brings to the fore the vicissitudes of its practitioner and the sentiments of the immortal mind.

The South Indian classical dance is set in a format that none is allowed to breach, albeit reasonable interpretations may be allowed.

While a number of schools have been established, each with an approach that elucidates the glory of the Lord and a given society, all of them follow the tenets of the art with an innovative spirit.

Performers, teachers and exponents share the excitement of the Arangetram of students with their family and friends.

The Programme

For every Arangetram is a tale of hard work, long hours of practice for the performers and a large degree of sacrifice on the part of the family.

That is true of Ambika Krishnamoorthy, whose Arangetram on Saturday, February 25, 2017 at Dorothy Winstone Centre, Auckland Girls Grammar School is awaited with increasing anxiety and expectations.

The only daughter of Ilango and Sakthi Krishnamoorthy (Directors of Mercury Printz), Ambika is doted at home not only by her parents but also her two brothers Vetrivhel and Adhitiyan.


Endearing children

The three children are a source of endearment for Renuka Ketheesan, Director and Principal of the Auckland Sai Natyalaya under whose tutelage, Bharata Natyam has found its place of respect in the Krishnamoorthy family.

Ms Ketheesan fondly remembered the day eleven years ago, when “Ambika, at the tender age of four, joined Sai Natyalaya with her two naughty brothers.”

“She has always been an adorable girl who comes along with her brothers and waits for her turn (after them) to learn this great art,” Ms Ketheesan said.

“I am very proud that even as a small child, Ambika showed passion and respect towards Bharata Natyam. She is like little (Lord) Krishna in her behaviour and steals the heart of everyone around,” she added.

Brother’s tribute

The care and love that the two brothers bestow on their sister demonstrates family love and unity.

Vetrivhel described his sister as “an energetic young dancer with an extensive performance history.”

“From her initiation into the world of Bharata Natyam at age four, Ambika has grown extensively into the charismatic fresh young talent under the tutelage of Ms Ketheesan. Having been sought after for performances at the Sai Natyalaya Dance School, it is apparent that my sister brings her own uniquely crafted style of dance to her performances,” he said.

Vetrivhel said that Ambika is as tenacious as she is witty, the combination of which has helped to grow as a dancer with a wide repertoire.

Dedicated dancer

“Her Bharata Natyam training takes up to two hours every day, after which she spends time in her studies. She is always anxious to maintain her academic record. Her scholastic and artistic pursuits do not allow her time for social interaction and the joys that girls of her age experience. For the past several months, Ambika is focused on her Arangetram,” he said.

Among the highlights of the programme would be ‘Varnam,’ which would see her non-stop performance for 50 minutes.

The Programme (on February 25, 2017) will commence at 5 pm but guests have been requested to take their seats by 445 pm. Entry to the programme is free but seats must be reserved by text to 021-739879 with name, contact details and number of seats.

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