A design of fate smiles in pursuit of excellence

It is often said that houses are those with the financial means and homes belong to those who dared to dream.

It is also said that builders who design and construct dream homes for clients achieve a greater level of satisfaction than owning them.

Housing is the single largest investment of individuals in their lives and hence they cherish a dwelling that suits their needs and budget.

An industry that offers challenges and opportunities to grow is not up everyone’s street, but those who persist and persevere are assured of success and customer delight.

Vivek Anturkar, who has just built another level in his professional pursuit as an architectural designer, is a testimony to the fact that persistent efforts based on the solid foundation of hard work will eventually result in a robust and endearing future.

Strategic merger

His little firm, ‘Space Designers Limited’ based in the East Auckland suburb of Pakuranga has just taken over the clients of ‘Jacques Buitendyk & Associates,’ a draughting services firm based in Papakura, South Auckland.

The move came with the blessings and consent of Jacques, with who Mr Anturkar was employed for almost ten years.

In effect, Mr Anturkar now owns Jacques Buitendyk & Associates and will function in the name of Space Designers Limited, a company that he established almost ten years ago.

He is the only other person of Indian origin to be accepted as a Professional Member of Architectural Designers New Zealand, entry to which is reserved for highly qualified designers of proven integrity and expertise.

Success has brought opulence to the life of Mr Anturkar, whose small family comprises of his wife Sushama, their only child, daughter Yutika.

Despair builds

But if success comes with a price, it was an ‘expensive proposition’ for Mr Anturkar, who faced disappointments and anxiety during the early phase of his arrival in 2002 from his native India.

A qualified draughtsman employed in the private sector in Mumbai, which presents a world of opportunities for the construction sector, he suffered from the proverbial Catch 22 situation of ‘No-Kiwi Experience-No Job’.

However, he was ‘lucky’ to begin working as a newspaper runner and a kitchen hand, washing dishes, while Sushama had a ‘more prestigious job’ as a Checkout Operator at The Warehouse.

A few months later, Mr Anturkar obtained a job as architectural designer on contractual basis at a West Auckland firm.

“I was specialised in ‘Autocad’ (a design tool) whereas the new job required me to learn ‘Datacad’ used by my employer. It was a challenge which I readily accepted. But I needed a permanent job to ensure food for the young family,” he said.

Work was constant, encouraged by which he moved into a more spacious house of his own in Pakuranga in May 2004.

Disaster & fortune

That was when disaster visited him again. He lost his job, and the world suddenly appeared dark with a bleak future.

“I would not accept defeat. A few days later, I started applying to every architectural design firm listed in the Yellow Pages. Jacques Buitendyk & Associates was one of them. Mr Buitendyk accepted me but I had to learn another application called ‘Vectorworks.’ I had finally found an employer with a sound professional background and a heart to help,” he said.

It was also about this time he established ‘Space Designers Limited,’ in the front room of his residence.

“It was a modest beginning. I was hopeful but cautious. I devoted my day hours to Jacques Buitendyk and with his blessings and help began to do ‘small work’ for clients,” Mr Anturkar said.

Progress hastens

We have never heard of hard work going unrewarded anywhere and good fortune began to smile in his life and career. When Mr Buitendyk planned his retirement, he agreed to Mr Anturkar’s suggestion of merging his business with Space Designers Limited.

With than 1300 commercial and residential properties that have his expertise and involvement in one form or the other, Mr Anturkar has arrived.

“The construction sector continues to build on high demand in Christchurch, Auckland and other major centres and I am happy that Space Designers Limited has a share of the existing and emerging opportunities. My ambition is to expand, design bigger and better homes and provide employment to more people. I believe that everyone should have the right opportunity to do the right thing,” he said.

Email: spacedesignersnz@gmail.com

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