A fair and square business

Kharag Singh Sidhu arrived in Auckland about 24 years ago with a mind filled with ideas and his heart filled with ambitions.

Hailing from an illustrious family in Chandigarh, Punjab, he was used to hard work, perseverance and pursuit of quality in life.

Graduate degrees in Arts (Economics & Public Administration) and Law from the Punjab University added to his eligibility for employment but the times were hard and challenging.

He launched his career at Sicpa Australia and Scipa New Zealand Limited (a security ink and system supplier) and gained knowledge of the market and its needs.

Eight years later, in 1995, he established K & R Ganday Traders Limited, a holding company to own and operate Everglade 4 Square (a franchise of Foodstuffs, which owns several popular supermarket brands) at Manukau Heights in South Auckland.

As others in the chain, this outlet has grown to become an iconic brand in the community. Four Square stores are known for their friendliness, concept of good neighbourhood and the perfect location for last minute needs.

Honesty, dedicated team work and unity are the trilogy of factors that have helped the family enterprise grow from strength to strength and the long hours of work do not bother Mr Sidhu and those around him.

The adage that those who worship the customer as King would be crowned by glory and success is true of Everglade 4 Square, which is not only a household name but also a source of endearment. Its lotto section is also popular.

An active member of the Sikh community, he is an engaging golfer at the Manukau Golf Club, involved in developing junior members, organising tournaments and mobilising financial resources.

Mr Sidhu’s interest also extends to Cricket and travelling.


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