A goldmine in Papatoetoe!

Gold is a metal that conjures up a volley of dreams among the members of the Indian community. As well as embellishing a personality, it is considered a safe investment for the future.

Gold is one of the most enduring items in every household.

Indians also understand what makes gold the most endearing of all assets, which is why, organisations such as Goldmine Jewellers attract, retain and promote customers, making them welcome guests again and again.

Managing Director Kuldip Singh sources his 22-carat gold items from Singapore and Dubai, giving them the authenticity that is so important in this business.

“Customers are always welcome to our showroom (35 Charles Street, Opposite Rockyyz),” he said.

Mr Singh would also consider advancing loans against gold pledged at his showroom, in addition to trade-in deals.

These are however subject to his discretion and certain terms and conditions.

“As well as providing evaluation service, we deal with all insurance companies to help customers insure their gold and gold jewellery. Indian Newslink readers would be entitled to get one gold item free once, subject to certain conditions. This offer would expire on March 8, 2011, “ he said.

The showroom also provides tailoring service, including alterations.


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