A great event that deserves public support

While the opening of the $2 million Stadium with modern facilities at Centre Park in Mangere (Auckland) will undoubtedly herald a new chapter in Soccer, the matches to determine the winner of the Radio Apna Fiji Soccer Cup 2011 will be marked as a ‘jewel in the crown.’

The Stadium was a beehive of activity over the last weekend at the official opening of the facility by a host of dignitaries. Indian Newslink asked a cross-section of the visitors as to what the Stadium meant to them. Here is a brief version of their comments”

Arthur Smith

The new Stadium is a great concept and will promote quality soccer. I wish to congratulate the officials of NZ Fiji AFC for hosting such a magnificent soccer event. I look forward to watching the teams from Fiji. Soccer fans should not miss this Tournament.

Buna Fiso

NZ Fiji AFC deserves our commendation. The new Stadium and the Radio Apna Fiji Soccer Cup 2011 will bring all Fijians together. This event will witness the reunion of families and friends. I will say, “Cheers to the Fiji Ba Team and Ba Tho Ba Hai.”

D J Neel

This is great soccer event, and I plan to be there with family and friends every day to witness the matches. I wish to congratulate the NZ Fiji AFC on this magnificent achievement. We can at last witness high quality soccer events like IDC meets held in Fiji. Many of us are waiting for the kick off.

Frank Watta

I have no doubt that the Fiji Soccer Cup matches will be awesome, not only for the participating officials and players but also for the entire community. The new Stadium, with its modern facilities will attract more players and teams from New Zealand and overseas. This will be the ‘Soccer Event of the Year’ with top teams taking part in the matches.

Kalisi Buliciri

The new Stadium and the Radio Apna Fiji Soccer Cup 2011 will see the community united again. What a great achievement for the NZ Fiji AFC! We thank them for hosting the event and we will be there in large numbers not only to watch the matches but also extend our hand of support. After a long time, we will be witnessing one of the biggest soccer events.

Movid Ali

I am sure the Radio Apna Fiji Soccer Cup 2011 will be a great tournament to watch and I am also sure that it will unite the Fiji community. Organisers of this event, NZ Fiji AFC officials and others involved deserve our appreciation. I am a big supporter of Fiji Ba Team.


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