A little piece of India in Fiji

India’s High Commissioner to Australia Sujatha Singh was “absolutely impressed” with the beauty and culture of Fiji during her short visit to the country last fortnight.

She was in Fiji to attend a meeting of the Heads of Indian Diplomatic Missions in the South Pacific.

“We had a meeting in Suva so I came here to find out how we could strengthen our engagement with the Pacific Islands. We discussed a number of relevant issues,” she told The Jet.

“I have been in Canberra for four-years and I always wanted to visit Fiji because it is a place which has captured my imagination. It is interesting to see Indians, who came here almost 150 years ago, have worked so hard and maintained their ties with India, their mother country.

“It is also encouraging to see how you have kept the language, the colours, the dance, music and the feelings alive,” Ms Singh said.

She referred to Fiji as a “Little piece of India,’ looking at the vibrant Indian culture and language prevailing in this tropical island Paradise.

She also made a special mention about Professor Satendra Nandan and his book Requiem for a Rainbow while talking to Indian High Commissioner to Fiji Vinod Kumar.

Shalendra Prasad is Editor of The Jet based in Fiji. The picture here shows Vinod Kumar and Sujatha Singh at the Cultural Night held in Nadi on July 15, 2011.


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