A lone Indian candidate for your health

A lone Indian- Dr Ajit Singh.jpgWith the ballot papers in almost everyone’s hand now for the Auckland Super City and District Health Board elections, it is time to decide your right candidate for various positions so that you can feel satisfied for the next three years that you wisely exercised your franchise.

I have spoken to many people while on streets and in shopping malls. While they were excited about the Mayoral and Local Body Elections, not many are aware of the elections to the District Health Board (DHB), especially in our Community. Many of them were not even aware that DHB elections are separate from local Body Elections.

They did not know that they could vote for a different DHB candidate even though they could choose someone else for Local Body Elections.

It is very important for people, especially in communities where health issues such lifestyle-related ailments as diabetes, obesity and heart diseases are becoming epidemic, to evince interest in the DHB election.

They should have their voice heard through the right candidate.

I appeal to you to cast your vote for the right candidate who is capable of understanding your health problems and has experience in the health Industry.

I have been associated with the health profession for almost 35 years and as such can assure you that my only objective is to play an active role in the wellness of our community. I can perform this role effectively from the DHB platform by sharing concrete plans for our community’s health issues.

My focus will be to enhance awareness in health and prevention of aliments specified above, and offer practical solutions to those afflicted.

While we need members who are skilled, it is important that someone who understands your health concerns more closely is elected to the Board.

I am the only candidate from our community contesting for the post in the DHB.

I assure you that if elected with your support and best wishes, I will put my heart into developing our community and be responsible for your welfare.

Dr Ajit Singh is Owner and Director of Planet Ayurveda based in Auckland. He is a Citizens & Ratepayers candidate for the Manukau District Health Board in the ensuing Local Body election.

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