A million smiles in the heart of Paradise

Ashok Kochhar – 

Various moods of New Zealand

It is often said that if you looked closely, life would be waiting to give you a reason to smile.

At every corner, there is a friendly face, a hint of innocence, or just a funny moment waiting to make you happy.

This has been true across New Zealand, a fascinating country.

I have been traveling all over the North Island for my journey, ‘500 days in New Zealand.’ Naturally, as a photographer my observations are very keen and always looking for details.

I have found many such moments here, which I registered in my camera.

Zest for life

People here have a zest for life, and believe in living every little moment with as much joy as possible.

From the weekend neighbourhood markets to special community events, or even the school events of children, they look for a reason to celebrate and be happy.

People have so much warmth that anybody can be your friend in minutes.

They welcome you into their lives, and always show an immense passion for life.

I felt this country to be much more versatile than it looks.

Vibrant colours

From its landscapes to flora and fauna, its birds and people there is something unique. The colours are vibrant and inviting.

Anyone who travels across this country has an immediate realisation of how beautiful Nature and life are, and how materialism has nothing to do with happiness.

It is the simplicity of thought and life that you see in every aspect of life here that makes the world fall in love with this beautiful place.

It is that vibrancy of life that defines its people, whether they are from this country or have made it their home after coming from world over.

Ashok Kochhar is an international photographer who launched ‘500 Days Across New Zealand’ in December 2015. He lives in Hamilton.

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