A safe seat for National in Botany

National Party will undoubtedly retain the Botany electorate in the by-election on March 5, 2011.

Botany was created after the 2006 Census due to high population growth in and around Auckland. This newest electorate comprises parts of Flat Bush, East Tamaki, Dannemora and Botany Downs, combined with fragments of the Clevedon and Pakuranga electorates.

Demographically, Botany is older than the rest of New Zealand, with over half of its population aged over 30; It has three times as many Chinese New Zealanders than the national average (33.5 versus 9.2%), around 18% Indian and nearly 13% Pacific Islanders. Botany has the highest percentage of people born overseas in whole of New Zealand electorate (49% in 2006) and the highest number of one-family homes.

The average income in the constituency is high, with more than half of the residents earning over $50,000 a year. As one of the most multicultural electorates, Botany has different aspirations and expectations. Personal and property safety is among the most important issues for voters here.

Under the present National Government of Hon. John Key, the crime rate in Botany has shown a downward trend and made the residents feel secure. Presence of Police on the streets has been reassuring to all.

Apart from employment, Botany residents are involved in trade, small and medium businesses. The health of our economy is vital for the wellbeing of the people and this is one of the major issues facing the residents of Botany.

Sensible restraint in spending and good governance by National Government has minimized the adverse effects of the economic down turn. Botany voters have a unique opportunity to reassert their faith in National Party and send a strong signal to the opposition that they are in no mood to change. People have seen that National stands for equal opportunity to all, rewarding the hard working people and ensuring safety of everyone.

Manish Tanna is a National Party Member and supporter.


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