A sliver for golden couple across the Shore

Venkat Raman

It is often said that the finest attribute of a human being is his or her ability to establish and sustain a family with mutual self-respect, love and admiration.

It is also said that of all the partnerships, listed or unlisted, the most challenging and fragile is that of Matrimony, for it takes only one heart to break.

In a world that is characterised by guided missiles and misguided people, couples marking significant milestones as man and wife call for celebrations- not in the quiet, or within the nucleus family, but in the wide and open society, for, seeing two people sporting indelible love for each other for a length of time, is inspiring.

Spencer Sparkles

That was how it was on Saturday, May 23, 2015 at Spencer on Byron at North Shore Auckland when Lawrence and Erica Pereira, two faithful friends of hundreds of people and soulful entities such as Indian Newslink repeated their vows 25 times, to the delight and applause of about 200 people from a cross-section of economic fortunes.

Among them were Indians, Europeans of British, Scottish, Irish and Maori descent, friends who stood by the couple at the best and worst of their times and three lovable children who had seen their parents trusting and loving with no expectations.

The Formalities

Richard Gee, a business mentor who had a positive influence on Lawrence, was the Master of Ceremonies at the event, which began with a priest of the neighbouring Parish blessing the couple.

Wenceslaus Anthony, a long-standing friend of the couple (just as this writer), eulogised their mutual love and understanding as he proposed a toast.

“Lawrence and Erica symbolise trust and confidence that are vital for the success of any partnership, more so in a family relationship. They have kept their faith in God and in their children as they faced life and its challenges,” he said.

Keeping faith

As many guests told this correspondent at the event, the outstanding aspect of their relationship has been faith.

“Erica had faith in God; in Lawrence, in his ability, honesty and integrity, and most important in herself. It was this faith that carried them through a number of challenges in their professional lives,” they said.

Lawrence and Eric are today successful entrepreneurs with investments in the right brands and businesses.

The Three ‘Rs’

Their family, which includes the three ‘Rs,’ their son Reuben and daughters Rebecca and Rachel are among the most closely knit with social and moral values that we know.

As they said their prayers and later danced to the tunes of a specially arranged jazz band, one sentiment was apparent- that the 25th Wedding Anniversary was truly a blessed and sterling event.

Their Wedding Day, and birthdays of Erica, Reuben and Rebecca, occur in close proximity, leading to a season of festivities in their home. Rachel, the youngest, born in February, feels more exclusive and “less crowded.”

“Erica has been the greatest and best person in my life,” Lawrence said.

Erica agreed!


Photo :

  1. Hand-in-Hand, for ever- Lawrence & Erica Pereira
  2. The Little family- Lawrence & Erica with their children Reuben, Rebecca and Rachel
  3. The Extended Pereira Family- His and Hers
  4. A Section of guests at the Silver Jubilee

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