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We have immense pleasure in announcing a special photography initiative for the younger minds of the society aged between 9 and 12 years.

This is a Project conceived, regulated and administered by internationally renowned photographer Ashok Kochhar, whose creative works appear in Indian Newslink.

“Ten selected children, resident anywhere in New Zealand, irrespective of their ethnicity, will be given cameras to capture pictures of any subject that captivates their eyes,” he said.

Fresh Vision

A Photo Contest- Poster WebMr Kochhar said that the idea is to create an opportunity to see the contemporary world through the eyes of children and witness pure visuals.

“The need of the world is a fresh form of communication, which is pure in nature and truly gives an insight into the thoughts of our future global citizens,” he said.

This is a unique social initiative of Mr Kochhar in association with Indian Newslink.

The Concept

“The ‘Young Photographers’ Contest’ is a programme to capture the soul of our society by looking through the eyes of young minds, where the children of varied ethnic backgrounds, covering length and breadth of New Zealand with varied socio economic dispositions will be given one camera each and asked to take pictures of their interest for three months.

“At the end of the exercise, they will select best three photo stories of subjects that they want to showcase; and these 30 pictures will be displayed at the Ninth Annual Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards, scheduled to be held at Sky City Convention Centre on November 28, 2016,” he said.

Digital Technology

Mr Kochhar said that our Scientists have introduced digital technology; the world was changed beyond expectations and control.

“Humanity is at a stage where exploration has reached its pinnacle; we are witnessing times where science is trying to see the world in a new light and growth is rapid. Today’s technological advancements have shown us absolutely new dimensions of existence.

“The world has now shrunk smaller than a small village. Modern communications have no limits, and everyday a new concept presents new horizon of possibilities. But in this process of communicating, we have started focusing more on the words than the feelings. The human touch and natural expressions are going through a rapid change. With so many ways to express oneself, the essence of thought and expression itself needs a fresh perspective,” he said.

“To start afresh, an expression without words would be the best way ahead. We need to see the world by the fresh and unpolluted eyes and mind i.e. child’s mind.

Mr Kochhar will administer the Programme.

Details will be published in our August 15, 2016 issue.

Photo Caption: Ashok Kochhar

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