A Store that caters to all homes

Thousands of customers who are used to quality products under one roof at Food 4 Less Supermarkets in South and West Auckland, are happy with the establishment of an outlet that meets that demand for various other household items, including appliances.

Food 4 Less Homeware at 66 Atkinson Avenue in Otahuhu, adjacent to the Food 4 Less Supermarket is a welcome addition to the Food 4 Less brand.

Director Nilesh Prakash said the new Homeware Store is in operation in deference to the wishes of the shopping public.

“We have had many people telling us that they would be happy if Food 4 Less started retailing household appliances and items of everyday use at home. While we are always keen to cater to the needs of our customers, we had to plan the new store carefully to offer quality products at low prices. We have sourced an extensive range of items for the benefit of the people,” he said.

Among the items sold at Food 4 Less Homeware are kitchenware, plastic ware, cutleries, takeaway containers, party essentials, gas stoves and much more.

“There is a growing demand for idols of Gods and Goddesses and our customers will be happy to find a wide choice in this store,” Mr Prakash said.

He hopes that customers shopping at the Food 4 Less Supermarket will make use of the products that will be available at the Food 4 Less Homeware.

“We will improve the product range based on customer feedback,” he said.


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