A Supermarket with a Super Mission

Big businesses can invest in IT systems that make them efficient and their size allows them to buy in bulk. The more concentrated the retail business becomes, the bigger supermarkets get, the further prices get pushed down until, of course, there is so much concentration that there is not enough competition.

When Food 4 Less Supermarket opened in Otahuhu seven years ago, it was marked as an important event for thousands of shoppers throughout Auckland.

Quality products backed by innovative and attractive display, low-prices, specials on several items from time to time and knowledgable and friendly staff were among the factors that have helped the enterprise grow from strength to strength.

As the supermarket celebrates its seventh anniversary, it is again an event for everyone to celebrate – for when times are hard and when there can be no cutting back on family budgets on food and other essential items, it is enterprises like Food 4 Less that makes the difference.

Says director Nilesh Prakash: “Our mission has always been to offer high quality goods at low prices and optimise customer satisfaction. Although competition has grown over the years, we have been fortunate to have a growing number of loyal customers. We believe in giving the best at the best possible price.”

As well as every-day low prices, Food 4 Less also announces specials from time to time to help shoppers get more value for money.

It is therefore surprising that the supermarket attracts thousands of customers week after week, many of them turning up on a daily basis to get fresh meat, vegetable and fruits.

They are aware that prices are always kept at the minimum possible level.

Food 4 Less has announced special prices for a number of items as a part of its fourth anniversary celebrations.

“We purchase the items placed on sale in large quantities from well known sources that guarantee quality and make them available at low prices to our customers. The savings that we make in bulk purchases are passed on to our customers,” Nilesh said.

His brother and director Romit Prakash said the supermarket has been catering to a cross-section of the society.

“It is not just the members of the Indian community who benefit from the low prices that are offered but also people from other ethnic groups,” he said.

“Our Halal butcher counter has also become popular, since those keen on Halal are assured of its genuineness, since we are certified by the Halal Committee of the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand.

With its uncompromising approach to quality and pricing, Food 4 Less Supermarket is now one the biggest Indian supermarkets in Auckland.

The enterprise has continuously expanded and added products and services to make it a pleasurable experience for shoppers.

“We believe we have lived up to our promises,” Nilesh said.

Ample parking is another advantage at Food 4 Less.


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