A Unique Spiritual Experience

With the blessings of our revered Guruji, I cherish the memorable and spiritual experience of the opening of Shiv Mandir at Manurewa, Auckland on May 29, 2004.

This was an auspicious and historical event for Sanatan Shivarchan Trust as well as for the ardent devotees of Lord Shiva.

Prior to the main event, there was a weeklong process of religious rites performed on a precise routine in the morning and evening by eight yajmaan couples, who were also disciples of revered Mahamandaleshwar Swami Shivendra Puriji Maharaj.

My wife and I were among the most fortunate and blessed couples who had the pleasure of being actively engaged in all the Pooja sessions.

The rituals

The ceremonial rituals were officiated by a group of acharyas led by Acharya Lalit Mohan Vyas, a renowned priest from India.

All the priests and the eight yajmaan couples, clad in the traditional costumes, took turns in getting the blessings of Guruji before the commencement of Pooja sessions every day.

Although I had read and heard a lot as to how the Mandir Deities are installed, it was indeed a thrilling, exciting and practical experience of getting totally immersed in spirituality for a week.

Deities installed

It was a pleasure getting set in a spiritual planet, deeply focused on the recital of Vedic mantras for the assigned Deities, their purification processes, the Abhishekam and Havans.

All the yajmaans participated in the installation process of the eight Mandir Deities, termed as ‘Shiv Parivar’ (Family of Shiva) with Narvadeshwar Shiv Ling or Baan Ling at the centre.

The initiation of the Deities was performed by our revered Guruji. The chanting of Vedic mantras filled them with life and the atmosphere reverberated with applause.

Finally, the sprawling crowd witnessed the pouring of Holy Kalash water atop the pinnacle or Mandir Shikha by Guruji, followed by the yajmaan couples.

With the full glimpse of this luminous scene, the devotees were back into the Hall to listen to the much-awaited Pravachan of Guruji, our revered spiritual master.

Master Prem Singh lives in Pukekohe.

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