Action Programme motivates mothers

It was a special day to pamper mothers and children with disabilities at the ‘Asian Families Positive Action Programme’ held recently in Auckland.

Organised by the Asian Network Inc (TANI), the programme, held on June 24, the event was designed to empower mothers and to make them feel inclusive, recognising that they often do not get the time to look after themselves.

Community network underscored the event at which 17 mothers, supported by 11 Asian community volunteers enjoyed a variety of activities including massage, Zumba demonstration, acupuncture, makeup and hair styling, nail art and Asian food.

TANI Asian Public Health Coordinator Samuel Cho said that life could be challenging for caregivers, especially when they are constrained to cope with immigration and acculturation issues.

“It is important that they take care of their physical and mental health as they look after everyone in the family. One of the effects of stigma surrounding disability is that it can cause isolation,” he said.

Two of the women, who knew each other, were not aware that other had a child with impairment until they met at our event.

Vishal Rishi is the Programme Manager of The Asia Network Inc and a community worker based in Auckland.

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