Additional fee lifts visa cost in India

While residents in India could enjoy a more efficient system of visa processing, they are now obliged to pay an additional fee to a specialist company contracted by Immigration New Zealand (INZ).

TTS, a member of the well-known TTK Group of Companies will charge `625 (about $15) per application effective January 16, 2012.

The Company currently provides administrative support to INZ at its Visa Application Centres in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad and Cochin.

Their services typically include receiving and checking application forms and supporting documentation, data entry, banking application fees, call centre support to handle telephone and email enquiries, provision of visa application forms and guides, delivery and collection to and from INZ and return of passports and documents to applicants.

These Centres however do not have the power either to decide on visa applications or provide advisory services. Their role is restricted to collection and forwarding of visa applications.

INZ has the authority to decide on applications received through the Centres and other sources including diplomatic and official missions.

Established by T T Krishnamachari (was later served as India’s finance minister), the TTK Group today has an annual turnover of `6000 million (about $142 million) through its eight major companies, 12 manufacturing units, 25 products and services and 6000 employees.

According to an official, TT Services was the first company in India to offer Visa Support services to the American, Australian, British, Canadian, German, Indian, Malaysian, New Zealand and Singapore diplomatic missions located in various parts of India.

The Company has handled more than 3.70 Million visa applications since its inception nine years ago through its offices in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Philippines, South Korea, Sweden and the Russian Federation.

“These applications have been handled without any case of internal fraud or misuse. TT Services constantly audits its people, processes and systems to ensure highest level of efficiency & quality,” the official said.

Editor’s Note: The Schedule of fees appears in this Section.

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