Aggravated robbery leaves aged woman traumatised

But family praises Police for timely help

Venkat Raman – 

An aged Indian woman is still in trauma ten days after she was tied, gagged and threatened with murder by a gang of robbers in her Auckland home on Tuesday, April 4, 2017.

Her son-in-law, who narrated the incident on conditions of anonymity, said that the 81-year-old victim braved the incident but being alone at the time of the aggravated robbery, felt very vulnerable at the time of the incident.

“One of them told me to go into a room and said, “If you do not obey, we will shoot you.”

Following is the edited version of the incident as told by the son-in-law, known to Indian Newslink for several years.

Unwanted Visitor

We have an open planned kitchen with a lounge at the entrance of our house.

On Tuesday, April 4, 2017, my mother-in-law (81) was alone at home. She is always careful, never opens the door to any strangers and looks through the bifold glass on the window for any visitors.

At about 1 pm, a man knocked on the door; my mother-in-law saw him through the blindfold over the glass window and asked him to go away. He left quietly.

About 20 minutes later, the main door was knocked down and she saw a huge man standing in front of her. Whilst another man ran into the house, this man removed the bangle from her hands, pulled one of her earrings making her ear bleed, pulled her scapular

from her neck, perhaps hoping to find a pendant.

Threat to kill

He tied her hands and legs with tea towels and made her lie down on the floor facing the ceiling. “Do not make any noise or I will shoot you,” he said, although he did not brandish any gun at her.

My mother-in-law said, “Take whatever you want, do not harm me.”

He then went to the two bedrooms, returned to her and asked for gold and money.

“We do not keep money or jewellery at home but in the safe-deposit locker,” she said.

The man then helped my mother-in-law get up and took her to the bathroom, ordered her not to come out if she valued her life. While she remained in the bathroom and managed to have a sip of water since she was very thirsty, the two men ransacked the house and took gold and money.

Tense 45 minutes

My mother-in-law stood in the bathroom for about 45 minutes; she was frightened that after looting the house, the two men will kill her.

As she did not hear any noise for a long time, she gathered courage, prayed and peeped through the keyhole of the door. As there was no one, she moved toward the bedroom, and called me at work to say what had happened.

I immediately called the Police on the emergency number 111 and rushed to my house.

Police officials arrive

The Police were at home when I reached. Soon thereafter, an Ambulance for a medical check-up. My mother-in-law was taken to the residence of a friend where a woman detective took her statements.

Later, many detectives and forensic staff arrived and spent several hours surveying the house and collecting evidence.

The next day, an official of the Victim Support Unit spoke to my mother-in-law.

Lost confidence

The past five days have been traumatic for all of us at home.

My mother-in-law has now lost her confidence and does not want to go to the nearby place of worship, since she fears that she would be watched and harmed.

I am thankful to the Police for their timely presence and assistance.

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