Ahmadiyyas annual meet this month

The Ahmaddiya community will hold its annual convention in Auckland this month in the spirit of universal goodwill and understanding.

Auckland based Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Inc is organising the event, called, Jalsa Salana on January 28 and 29 at Bait Al Muqeet (‘The House of God’) (20 Dalgety Drive) in Wiri, Manukau Central.

Jama’at National External Affairs Secretary Eqbal Khan said a special session will be held for invited guests at 1130 am on January 29.

“Our President Mohammed Iqbal will preside over the session, which will include speeches on ‘Islamic Equality and Social Justice’ (by Maulana Shafiq Ur Rehman) and ‘Importance of Women in Islam’ (by Yunus Hanif). The idea is to promote greater awareness of the teachings of Islam and remove the misconceptions surrounding the religion,” he said.

Among the subjects proposed to be discussed at the two-day Conference are ‘Care of Children and Kind Treatment to Parents’ (by Muhammad Zafrullah Nasir), ‘Our God is a Living God– in Light of True Instances’ and ‘Role of Women in the Progress of Ahmadiyyat’ (Basharat Ahmad Khan) and ‘Building Mosques: Significance and Objectives’ (Maulana Shafiq Ur Rehman).

Mr Khan said Jalsa Salana is held throughout the world, based on the first event held in 1891 under the patronage of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Ja’amat Founder Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

Indian Newslink carries the activities of the Ahmaddiya community from time to time, as a part of its policy of according equal opportunity and coverage to various religions, faiths and sub-sects.

What: Jalsa Salana Annual Conference

By Whom: Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Inc

When: January 28 & 29 at 125 pm

What: Special Session for guests

When: January 29 at 1030 am

Where: Bait Al Muqeet 20 Dalgety Drive, Wiri, Manukau

Contact: Eqbal Khan on (09) 5763511 or 021-1336146

Email: eqbalakhan@gmail.com

Pursuit of peace with patience

Dr Mohammed Shorab

The main purpose of Jalsa Salana is to improve ourselves morally and spiritually so that we become better people for the welfare of our nation and the world.

New Zealand is our home and our country and we are here to serve our people.

Our aim is to spread the message of true Islam in fulfilment of the prophecy vouchsafed to the Promised Messiah by Almighty.

The message of Islam, in its pristine purity, without the addition of any innovation, is a religion of peace and total submission to the Will of God (Allah).

The final Law book from God, the Holy Quran, as revealed to the Holy Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) and exemplified in his character, is the final code of conduct.

It encompasses all the previous scriptures, from the Zaboor of Prophet David, the Psalms of Prophet Solomon, the Torah or the Old Testament of Prophet Moses, the new Testament of Prophet Jesus and all other Holy Books and Holy teachings that have been passed by word of mouth and all the revelations of the 142,000 messengers of God that brought the teachings of God to us. This proves the Unity of God and that we are all His creatures.

Despite the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat being declared a non-Muslim religion by the so-called Muslim States, our members facing constant persecution in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia and Malaysia, it continues to prove its truth with patience, perseverance and focusing its aims towards the welfare of humanity.

Service to Humanity is our duty as true Muslims and the true teaching of Islam is in stark contrast to what is being seen by the world through the eyes of the media.

The services rendered by our Jamaat can be divided into various categories, namely, improving the spiritual and moral status of humanity, education, science, health services, care of orphans, water for life, electricity for homes, disaster relief.

The above is an extract of a speech by Auckland based dentist Dr Mohammed Shorab (the then President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Ja’amat) delivered at 16th Jalsa Salana held in Auckland on December 17 and 18, 2004, carried by Indian Newslink in its January 15, 2005 issue.


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