Ailing teacher needs urgent cash

A School teacher in Fiji with modest income and economic background has appealed to his compatriots in New Zealand for immediate financial assistance to treat the serious disorder.

Ashwin Kumar reportedly suffers from Aplastic Anaemia, a blood disorder, because of which, his body is unable to produce adequate new blood cells.

He requires $50,000 for treatment in India, stated to be the cheapest available treatment for the ailment.

Auckland based Ishwar Chand, who is helping him to raise funds, said that Mr Kumar’s condition is severe and that the ailment could lead to irregular heartbeat, enlarged heart and heart failure.

“He is also susceptible to infections and bleeding. This disorder can lead to death,” Mr Chand said.

He said Mr Kumar is a passionate soccer player and professional and that he has been a referee in IDC matches held here in recent years.

“Mr Kumar became aware of his ailment during a routine medical check-up. Following the diagnosis, he was prescribed vitamin pills, along with regular blood transfusion. Sadly, this treatment is insufficient.

“Doctors here confirmed that Mr Kumar suffers from Aplastic Anaemia during his recent visit to Auckland. He has medical insurance but the insurance company has declined to allow claims for overseas treatment since this is not included in his policy,” he said.

Mr Chand said donations can be made to any branch of National Bank (Account Number 06-09910229- 673-00).

Further information can be obtained from Mr Chand on (09) 5250145 or 021-1174480. Email:

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