Album eulogises Lord Jesus

Album-eulogises--Rishtaa-cover.jpgA devout Christian has released an album that eulogises Jesus Christ and evokes piety and compassion among listeners.

Rebecca Singh said the album, called, Rishtaa was about relationships with people and with God, and the significance of fostering the human bond and serving people and the Almighty.

The album comprises ten songs, each written (by her) to inspire the ‘milk of human kindness’ and foster the spirit of oneness in serving Jesus.

Yadvinder (Jagie) Singh of Lion Beats Studio said Jessica’s talent in singing was commendable and that as a lyricist, she had brought out the feelings of a true devotee.

“She has created some amazing compositions in Rishtaa and her commitment and work ethics were inspiring. The album covers various genres, including ghazal, bhangra, garba taal, shayari and modern music. Kitna Haseen Mera Yaar is my favourite and her rendition of the shayari in this number is superb,” he said.

A Bible College graduate, Ms Singh is a registered Drug and Alcohol Practitioner, Family Therapist & Counsellor and Restorative Justice Facilitator.

She said the thought of releasing the album was in her mind since long but its release took longer than expected.

“Good things take time. When God holds something in His bosom, it is always for a higher purpose. It is not always simple for the human mind to comprehend God’s reasoning and His timing, but God always knows the best,” she said.

Rishtaa is now available at select Indian video shops and outlets and at selected Indian Churches. For further information, contact Jessica Singh on 021-02626200.

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