Alcohol delivery company to raise $250,000 Crowdfunding

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Auckland, August 7, 2018
The company transforming the way alcohol is shopped and sold online in
Auckland is to raise $250,000 through an equity crowdfunding campaign.
With a product catalogue of over 450 items ranging from wine, beer and spirits, ‘My Beer
Case’ is leading the shift from a physical to the digital world in retail of alcohol.
Founder Harmeet Sehgal said that his Company is proud to be the first dedicated alcohol delivery service in New Zealand to reach out to people and have them invest.
Customer Confidence
“We have maintained strong focus from the outset to deliver alcohol in a safe and
professional manner. Having achieved this consistently, we have gained the confidence of
our customers and established ourselves as a leader in the on-demand alcohol ecommerce
space. In just over a year, we have become a destination for consumers
seeking to order alcohol online and have it delivered within the hour to the comforts
of their homes,” he said.
Impressive growth
‘My Beer Case’ has seen impressive growth and increased users in Auckland.
With the inability of food delivery apps to deliver alcohol, customers are increasingly taking to this Company for dedicated beverage delivery service to have their alcohol delivered within 60 minutes.
It also addresses a big social issue of drink-driving by offering customers an
“It is very encouraging to see the community making the right choice of ordering
drinks online for delivery rather than reaching out for their car keys. We have been
successful in driving the message that there’s a now a delivery service of alcohol
available,” Mr Sehgal said.
Funding Objectives
The Company has received support from Auckland Regional Business Partner
Network and funding from the capital raise will be used for brand awareness,
managing logistics and migrating to a more secure web platform.
‘My Beer Case’ forecasts increased demand for its corporate delivery service and seeks to provide better service to an existing client base.
“My Beer Case has successfully executed its business model keeping in line with the
liquor legislation and has unlocked profitability at seed stage where other delivery
companies have failed to execute a sustainable model. The current capital raise will
help us better our execution on a more secure web platform and manage frontline
operations. It will also contribute towards expanding our reach with a planned
marketing approach. With current e-commerce off licence sales of alcohol
contributing to less than 2.5% of total sales, there is good opportunity to grow and
scale the business,” Mr Sehgal said.
The Campaign
‘My Beer Case’ will launch its crowdfunding campaign through ‘PledgeMe,’ which is
New Zealand’s first crowdfunding platform.
It has been operating for the past six years and over 1200 campaigns have raised $27 Million in funding through PledgeMe.
“Our mission at PledgeMe is to help kiwis fund the things they care about. It’s great
to see a young growing business like ‘My Beer Case’ go out to their crowd to fund
their growth plans, ‘PledgeMe’ Chief Lending Officer Barry Grehan said.
The public offer will go live in September 2018.
Photo Caption:
Harmeet Sehgal with ‘My Beer Case’ (Supplied)

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