All night prayer for Goddess of Power

Devotees of Shakti, the Goddess of Power will offer prayers and obeisance as a part of their annual celebrations.

The New Zealand Sanatan Naari Sabha is organising the all-night vigil called, ‘Jagraata Maa Ka Jaagran’ at the Shiva Mandir (43 Holmes Road) in the South Auckland suburb of Mangere on March 3.

Sabha president Mavis Singh said ‘Jagraata’ is to keep Devi (another name for Shakti) awake and make Her more accessible and active in human lives.

“Jagraata is performed throughout the night to thank the Holy Mother for Her blessings and love that She bestows upon us. It is believed that no one approaching her with a pure heart would go empty-handed,” she said.

According to Ms Singh, individuals or families and associations of temples can conduct Jagraatas.

“Each Jagraata has a Mandali performed with rituals, songs and stories in praise of the Goddess. Jagraatas invoke the Goddess to visit them in their homes or communities. The ritual is usually performed to ask for some favour from the Goddess. She does so in the form of a flame, lit at the beginning of the ceremony and kept burning throughout the night,” she said.

The programme will commence at 6 pm and comprise Kalash Sthapna, Maa ki Jyoti, Hawan, Arti, Kirtan, Mata Tara Rani Ki Katha, Kumari Pooja and Maha Prasad.

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