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Its birth, during the twilight hours of the Twentieth Century, was not fortuitous but deliberate. It was a time of global uncertainty when people with vision recoiled, fearing a global meltdown on January 1, 2000.

However, there were also those who took the gamble, fortified by vision, courage and faith.

Indian Newslink is a product of these attributes that continue to guide its path in fulfilling its goals and objectives.

The Newspaper entered the market to be the voice of the Indian community. Yet, in its approach, it has not been insular but broad in vision, inclusive and incisive in its coverage of news and views that enveloped local, national and international issues.

This has raised its profile and is widely read by people from different walks of life, who value quality, in-depth reporting and independence.

Its insightful editorials do not mince words to placate those that are rich, powerful or influential. It is the most widely read piece, which is clearly indicative of the respect that Indian Newslink has earned over the years in being a strong and powerful advocate of the people, writing and reporting with objectivity.

Prime Ministers, Leaders of Opposition and politicians have all come under its scrutiny and many regularly use its columns to reach out to people and the Nation.

Such facilitation has not constrained Indian Newslink in intensely probing public figures without fear or favour when deemed necessary.

In twelve years, the newspaper has established itself as one of the most respected newspapers in New Zealand but in attaining this distinction, it has remained solidly anchored to its goals and objectives.

Service to the wider Sub-Continent community is at the heart of the publication and in this regard, it has gone beyond its charter to recognise, promote and reward the community in other sectors.

Every year it holds the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards Presentation Ceremony that rewards Indian businesses for their entrepreneurial achievements.

The stature of the Awards scheme has grown phenomenally over the years and it is patronised by people of importance including the Governor General, Prime Minister, Ministers, Leader of the Opposition, Members of Parliament and business and community leaders.

In July this year, the newspaper launched the Indian Newslink Sir Anand Satyanand Lecture to promote Good Governance in New Zealand. Its innovative and proactive approach has given the Indian community a robust platform to raise its profile.

Worldwide, ethnic papers are generally viewed as being parochial, peddling the interests of the community that they represent and therefore, do not have the same recognition or respect as other papers.

However, Indian Newslink has transcended communal boundaries and established itself as a newspaper that is not inhibited or restrained in reporting or probing matters of national interest. To reach such eminence, it has tenaciously upheld moral and ethical values, ensuring that it retained its distinctive position among the respected newspapers in New Zealand.

Rajendra Prasad is an author, thinker and an Indian Newslink Columnist.

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