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Neha Mokashi

“Being a student is a challenge, being an international student poses an even bigger challenge. I believe that student life in my home country is easy, but being a student by yourself in a different country can be hard.” says Madhav Kapur in his article on the New Zealand government’s ‘Study in New Zealand’ website.

As an individual dealing closely with this area for a long time now, I can understand and relate to the challenges which can be very complex and deep-rooted.

Let us look at some of these. Any newcomer is bound to face normal problems like home sickness, cultural and food differences and challenges in understanding and being understood (language skills, slang and accent).

These are however largely temporary and can be overcome with a mix of effort, perseverance and self-confidence.

The more serious ones are however difficult to resolve satisfactorily.

These often begin much before the student lands in this country.

Shoddy Agents

They revolve around factors like the web of deceit, which many unlicensed, unlawful agents who have unfortunately mushroomed all over India, spread in the minds of the students and their families.

Some of these blatant lies which we have heard from students who have come in through such agents are, “You can work full time, jobs are easy to find, attendance in classes is optional, residence will be easy to obtain,” and so on.

Unfortunately, some of the Institutes, which have now been de-registered or are under the close eye of NZQA have been found to be lacking in the implementation of the strict quality requirements of the Authority that are essential for delivering world class education for which our country is reputed.

Pride of New Zealand

At ‘Abroad Global,’ a New Zealand based and registered company, we pride ourselves in our work ethic. We are a professional services organisation in the international education, immigration advisory and global mobility industries and deal with students and clients from all over the world, not just India.

During our marketing seminars as well as one-on-one interactions, we try our best to understand the needs of the potential client.

We categorise our clients into one of our service lines such as Student, Immigration Advisory or Global Mobility.

International Education

Once it is ascertained that the client is best suited for a study programme in New Zealand, we put before them the total picture of what it would mean in terms of costs, challenges, restrictions and opportunities.

Our Licensed Immigration Advisor, who invariably interacts at length with the applicant from the start, will sign up the applicant only after ascertaining that the student has the means as well as the desire to pursue this opportunity.

We deal with only a select few of the reputed institutes all over New Zealand that offer a diverse range of course for International students.

Immigration Advisory and Global Mobility

These categories involve clients who may be suited to apply in one of the non-student visa categories to travel to New Zealand.

Since these are highly specialised areas, any advice is provided only by our Licensed Immigration Advisors.

Skype seminars, recorded videos and such modes are commonly employed for international seminars as well as telephonic talk and hugely popular WhatsApp.

All applications are processed from beginning to end by the Immigration Advisor. Marketing, Administration and Secretarial teams provide support and assist the Advisors in speedy and efficient processing of the application.

The application is lodged online from our New Zealand office.

In short, our story is not about professional services in the International Sector, but it is about caring for our clients’ needs and wellbeing.

We work Globally, Latin American countries being our longest-served market and India is our strongest emerging market.

Neha Mokashi works as a Marketing Associate for Abroad Global based in Auckland. She is not a Licenced Immigration Advisor but markets a wide range of services provided by Abroad Global. She can be contacted on WhatsApp 0064-21552299. Email:;



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