An opportunity to promote community health

An opportunity-Dr Ajit Singh.jpgThe dream of Auckland Super City is coming nearer to reality with the ensuing Local Council election. Election for various District Health Boards (DHBs) will also be held simultaneously and it is a great honour that many in our community have been selected as candidates for various Local Boards.

I am sure this will give an opportunity to have the voice of our community heard at various levels.

I feel fortunate to be selected by Citizens and Ratepayers (C&R) as one of the seven candidates of its team for County Manukau DHB.

Being associated with health industry for the last 34 years, first as an Ayurvedic doctor in India and for the last 15 years as the owner of a Holistic Health Care Centre in New Zealand, I have seen our people suffering from poor health conditions, particularly due to poor diet, lifestyle and environmental factors.

C&R health policies are well known. They include fight against lifestyle-related ailments such as diabetes, obesity and heart diseases.

C&R is also working to improve the wellbeing of old people and providing our children best health start with timely immunisation.

It is also working towards reducing waiting time for elective surgery.

The wellbeing of our people is close to my heart and I have dedicated my life to promote the good health of the members of our community in every possible way.

If elected to the County Manukau DHB, I would bring my knowledge and experience to improve the health outcomes of our community.

I am committed to working hard to make a difference, particularly for those who suffer from lifestyle related diseases.

My background in Ayurveda, one of the oldest systems of medicine known for its holistic approach to wellbeing and my understanding of the Western medicine gives me the confidence of serving our people efficiently and reducing the incidence of the diseases afflicting them.

Diabetes is fast becoming an epidemic in New Zealand.

This is more common among people of Indian, Maori and Pacific Islands origin.

Despite the best efforts of the DHBs, this problem is becoming acute.

We therefore need a plan of action and a strategy to combat the challenges.

As a member of the County Manukau DHB, I will work collectively with other members and the communities concerned to achieve the desired objectives.

I would also like to implement plans and programmes to minimise the waiting time for surgery. Many of our elders need surgical intervention to attend to their age-related problems.

I seek your support in improving the quality of service rendered by the Manukau DHB and I hope you would provide me the opportunity to serve you.

Dr Ajit Singh is Owner and Director of Planet Ayurveda based in Auckland. He is a Citizens & Ratepayers candidate for the Manukau District Health Board in the ensuing Local Body election.

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