Another round of voter registration here

People of Fijian origin holding valid documents to prove their Fijian citizenship would have an opportunity again to enrol in the voters’ list.

The Suva based Fijian Elections Office has announced that another round of voter registration will be held in New Zealand from May 17 to 24.

Similar facility will be available for eligible voters in Canada, Dubai, Papua New Guinea, UK and US from May 5 to 17.

Elections Supervisor Mohammed Saneem said that Fijian citizens above 18 years of age have the right to vote in the general election (scheduled to be held on September 17), whether they live in Fiji or overseas.

“The overseas registration drives are designed to give Fijians living abroad an opportunity to register to vote. The Elections Office is currently working with the relevant High Commissioners and Ambassadors to finalise the venues and timetables for each country,” he said.

According to Mr Saneem, visiting registration teams will be able change details of even those who have already registered but since moved away from Fiji.

“This is very important because we need to know if registered voters plan to be away from Fiji on Election Day so that we can make the necessary arrangements for them to vote by post,” he said.

Further details can be obtained online or from Mere Tora, Acting High Commissioner of Fiji on 021-322353; Email:

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