ANZ, Tarana Title Sponsors of INL Lecture

We are happy to announce that ANZ Bank and Radio Tarana are the joint Title Sponsors of the Indian Newslink Sir Anand Satyanand Lecture 2013.

Vino Ramayah, Executive Chairman of Medtech Global Limited (which is listed on the ASX) and many other companies that have associates and businesses in Australia, Asia, Europe and the US, will be the Guest Speaker at the event, scheduled to be held on Monday, July 29, 2013 at from 630 pm at Stamford Plaza Hotel Auckland.

The core theme of his Lecture would be, “Good Governance: Myth or Reality?’

Former Governor General Sir Anand Satyanand, Lady Susan Satyanand, and many others dignitaries will attend the event.

Mr Ramayah is also Chairman of Cereus Holdings Limited, an investment holding company whose investments in New Zealand, Australia, Asia and Europe include health and bio-informatics, bioscience and information technology.

Details of his involvement with other companies and background information appear elsewhere in this issue.

Key factors

According to Mr him, transparency and governance are key to ensuring that personal greed and avarice do not disrupt business with their social and economic consequences.

“Just as rule of law ensures the proper functioning of society transparency, good governance is important for corporate stability. We have seen and read about failures of transparency and good corporate governance in many countries including New Zealand with dramatic consequences,” he said.

Governing principles

Fred Ohlsson, Managing Director Business Banking at ANZ, said that Accountability, Transparency and Good Governance are central to the Bank.

“That is why we are proud to be sponsor the Indian Newslink Sir Anand Satyanand Lecture,” he said.

“As New Zealand’s largest bank, it is important that we lead by example to customers, the Government and the thousands of other people and organisations we deal with every day.

“Accountability and transparency are two of our foundation values. Our customers trust us to deliver the best financial results for them, and to help them achieve their goals. We believe that openness and honesty are at the heart of these relationships,” Mr Ohlsson said.

Describing the management of the wealth of the Bank’s customers as a privilege, he said that ANZ takes the responsibility seriously.

“We undertake to deliver the highest standards of performance and service, and hold ourselves accountable for delivering on our promises,” he said.

Lifting core values

Radio Tarana Managing Director Robert Khan said that the Lecture has become an annual event of great significance to everyone concerned with quality management.

“We live in turbulent times with fierce competition and changing economic fortunes. But it is important to remain focused on proper return on investment, core responsibility to stakeholders, quality customer service and career advancement of people. These can be achieved only through good governance.

“As a broadcasting company, Radio Tarana believes in enhancing the core values of management,” he said.

Read article titled, ‘Corruption elsewhere challenges Kiwi businesses’ by Sir Anand Satyanand and related reports in Homelink.

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