Appeal to hide fake weapons

Radio New Zealand (Report and Picture)

Sunday, June 5, 2016 (1045 am)

Police in Wellington have asked people dressed up for the Armageddon expo to hide their fake weapons to avoid startling the public.

The country’s largest science-fiction and comic convention – subtitled the Wellington Geek Event – is being held this weekend at Westpac Stadium.

Elaborate outfits

Thousands of fans dress up in elaborate outfits – from zombies to film and cartoon characters – and on their way to Armageddon some are armed up in battle regalia.

This led to police being called out in Porirua yesterday after reports of a man carrying a ‘weapon’ on his way to the convention.

This year’s international TV and film star guests include Rose McIver from iZombie and Once Upon a Time, David Giuntoli from Grimm, Samuel Anderson of Doctor Who fame and Natalia Tena who starred in the Harry Potter films and Game of Thrones.

The convention includes comic and gaming expos, animation and music as well as art from science fiction, fantasy and pop surrealist artists. A major part of the three-day festival is the costumes – a mixture of the gory and the fantastical.


Picture by Kate Gudsell for RNZ.

Armageddon is expected to bring millions of dollars to Wellington economy

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