Are we negative?

Should Indian Newslink be a community rag, presenting just rosy stories, pretending that all is well or should it have the courage to present facts as they are and allow its readers to judge?

Should we follow the beaten path of concealing reports or take the initiative to investigate and expose people defrauding people, help the authorities who give the law a chase or sit pretty and turnout only stories that displeases none and excites none?

Should a community newspaper just carry community notices and some touch-and-go stories that do no one any good?

Should you, dear Reader, not have privy to all those not-so-pleasant developments occurring around you just as you would like to know of happy tidings?

Should we not tell the wrong from a right, call a spade a spade?

Fourteen years ago, we took upon the mission to help well meaning and honest people win their battle against the not-so-good.

In the process, we have had the duty of bringing some to justice.

Our readers say we should not make any apology for helping those on the right side of the law and promoting what they do.

And yet some say Indian Newslink is negative.

Is that right?

Positively not.

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