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So far, Indian Newslink readers have had opportunities to read and know about various arts – be it performance-related such as theatre or visual-related such as painting.

But what about a combination of theatre and painting?

Most New Zealanders may not have heard of this relatively new concept – of another art form called ‘performance art.’

Auckland-based Rewa Walia will be introducing this unique concept, illustrating the evolution of her spiritual journey through the combined disciplines of music, dance, painting and films in her show “Shiv Sangam: The Power of Unity,” scheduled to be held on Friday, November 4, 2016 at Blockhouse Bay Community Centre in Blockhouse Bay, Auckland.

Tickets, priced at $20 per person, are available at the venue from 530 pm before the start of the programme at 730 pm, and will finish by 830 pm.

Strong message

“My message in this show is ‘In unity, we stand strong,’ and that is driven from my spiritual realm hidden in the form of arts.

“The audience will witness and enjoy a selection of Hindi cinema’s popular songs known as ‘Antakshari,’ proceeding to Bhakti, Chanting and Meditation all in one theatrical space,” Rewa told Indian Newslink during an interview.

Originally from Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, Rewa’s fascination for visual art stemmed from her childhood, in which she was evinced interest in drawing faces. Her family, coming from a film-making background, encouraged her with books on Picasso’s works and other Impressionists, inspiring her to eventually pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Mumbai’s oldest art institution, Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy (known as JJ) Institute of Applied Art.

The spiritual realm

After her graduation, Rewa’s ‘brush’ with spirituality arose with her series of watercolour paintings and mixed media canvases, her subject being ‘faces without eyes’ at her solo exhibition held in Mumbai.

‘Shiva-Shakti’ was another subject drawn from her spiritual side, exhibited at The Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai.

Upon her migration to New Zealand in 1998, Rewa’s ten-year stint in the fashion industry in Auckland opened opportunities to foster a full-time career in art.

After her collaborative venture of art and fashion at a pop-up show in 2009, Rewa painted for the ‘Joker Series’ exhibited in Auckland, and had some of her works presented in a group show called ‘Parampara’ (Tradition) in India as a part of an International Contemporary Artists Exhibition in 2010.

Solo Exhibition

In 2010, she exhibited a series of paintings titled ‘Being Kiwi’ as part of ‘The Small Packages Show’ in Takapuna.

In 2011, she was invited to participate in ‘The Auckland Anniversary Celebrations,’ and later had her first solo exhibition in Christchurch at the Council building, in remembrance of the Christchurch earthquakes.

Rewa’s dedication and passion for art has given her occasions to travel any counties including Austria, Turkey and Egypt.

Her venture into film-making also took form when she directed a documentary titled ‘Mere Sapno ka School,’ (‘My Dream School’) which was screened at The Museum Art Gallery in Mumbai in 2010 and Bharat Bhavan in Bhopal in 2011.

Motivating factors

Rewa’s motivation behind the concept of her forthcoming show ‘Shiv Sangam,’ bringing together her visual and film-making fields, was her family business in Hindi Cinema, in which she had constant exposure to popular ‘Bollywood’ songs and dances.

Inspired by New York-based performing artiste Marina Abramovic, Rewa’s quest to combine Exhibition with Theatre in amalgamation with her spiritual thirst for self-discovery took almost one year of planning.

Her performance will therefore showcase her gradual transformation from commercialism to spiritualism through the effects of live music, dance, films as well as her ‘live’ paintings.

‘Shiv Sangam’ will feature Rewa as a dancer and artist for the first time on stage, joined by other artistes in their respective fields: Ashish Ramakrishnan (Vocal), Araad (Octopad), Basant Madhur (Tabla), Dharmesh Parikh (Keyboard) and Professor Sukh Dev Madhur (Vocal and Harmonium).


What: ‘Shiv Sangam: The Power of Unity’
Who: Rewa Walia
When: Friday, November 4, 2016 from 730 pm to 830 pm
Where: Blockhouse Bay Community Centre,

524 Blockhouse Bay Road, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland

Tickets: $20 per person available from 530 pm before start of programme
Contact: Rewa Walia on 021-2364242

Basant Madhur on 021-0357954



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