ASB celebrates Diwali with Staff

ASB Bank celebrated Diwali with its staff on Friday, October 10, recognising and thanking people of Indian origin in particular for their diligence and hard work.

Executive General Manager (People & Operations) Linley Wood said that Diwali had become a large part of the New Zealand social scene and that she was proud to mark the occasion with her colleagues.

“ASB is proud of its Indian staff. We continue to serve the Indian community with our team of qualified specialists and commitment to unbeatable service,” she said at the function held at the Bank’s Head Office Complex at the Viaduct in Central Auckland.

Multicultural fun

ASB officials closed ethnic ranks, with men donning the increasingly popular Kurtas (Long sleeved Shirts) and women attired in colourful sarees and mingled with a cross-section of ASB’s multinational and multi-ethnic personnel.

They were treated to humour, Indian culture, entertainment and cuisine.

Among the other senior officials present at the function were Chief Economist Nick Tuffley, Business Development Manager (Trade Finance) Surinder Ogra, Senior Settlements Officer Meena Engineer and Senior HR Systems Specialist Prakashni Khan and many others from various branches and offices of the Bank.


2. The Bhangra Group at ASB

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