ASB reduces transfer fee to Fiji

ASB will reduce its International Money Transfer fee to $5 when sending Fijian Dollars to Fijian bank accounts either in-branch or through ASB’s FastNet Classic.

An announcement said that the reduction in fee will be effective from Friday March 11, 2016 to Friday, May 6, 2016.

The fee ($5) from each international transfer incurred by the Bank will be tallied at the end of the two-month appeal and donated to Red Cross Fiji.

This donation will ensure that all funds transferred will go to help in the clean-up and recovery for Cyclone Winston victims.

The administration fees will be covered by Red Cross.

ASB General Manager Global Markets Adam Boyd said that his Bank was delighted to help out in a small way with recovery efforts in Fiji.

“With an extensive Fijian population, Cyclone Winston has hit close to home for a number of New Zealanders. As recovery efforts get underway, ASB is pleased to assist Kiwis help our Pacific neighbours,” Mr Boyd said.

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