Assault victim calls for stringent laws

A Manukau resident has called on the Police, Courts and other law enforcement agencies to show no mercy on criminals who terrorise innocent people in their homes and in public places.

Pallab Banerjee was the victim of brutal assault by five youngsters who invaded his home at about 130 pm on Tuesday, September 10 and left him severely bruised and in a state of terrible shock.

He said that he was alone in his house, since his wife, who is suffering from Cancer, was undergoing tests at a local Hospital.

Vicious attack

“Five young men, aged perhaps between 13 and 20, entered my home through a window, came into my bedroom and started punching, kicking and viciously attacking me. They smashed a table lamp on my head, knocking me down,” he said.

Mr Banerjee said that the offenders ransacked the house, looking for valuable items. “As their attention was diverted momentarily, I took the opportunity of moving away from them. I inched towards the ranch slider on the opposite side of the bed. One of them spotted and tried to stop me but I took a chair to block him,” he said.

Mr Banerjee said that he slowly moved toward the bedside cabinet and located a hidden kitchen knife.

“As soon as the young fellow saw the knife in my hand, he shouted to his mates and ran out of the house. All the other offenders followed him. I locked my house and called the Police and Ambulance,” he said.

Mr Banerjee was taken to the Middlemore Hospital where he was treated in the Accident & Emergency Department and discharged thereafter.

Belying statistics

Visually shaken by the trauma, Mr Banerjee questioned whether crime is really reducing in this country, despite all the statistics that are published by the Government and National MPs.

“I do not think New Zealand is all that safe as people claim. If a person can be attacked in his own home during daylight in a residential area, something is not right. I am not sure if the Police will take any action and even if they did, whether our court system will mete out the punishment that these young offenders deserve. I have heard that many of these criminals get away,” he said.

Mr Banerjee said that he had written to the Prime Minister and the Indian High Commissioner to find ways and means of protecting innocent and ordinary New Zealanders, especially the elderly who are vulnerable.

“This is not an ethnic issue. Safety and security is important for people of all sections of the society. I am not interested in hearing official statements that crime rates have come down and that all is well. Such home invasions can cost human lives. I hope to see some positive action,” Mr Banerjee said.

A mining engineer by qualification and profession, he visited New Zealand in 1996 to spend some time with his son and his family and was captivated by the country’s beauty and greenery.

Indian Newslink understands that Counties Manukau Police have arrested the five young offenders and that they are now facing several charges at the Manukau District Court. Mr Banerjee said that he was extremely thankful to the Police, especially Constable Gurpreet Arora who visited his house twice after the incident.

Photo :

Pallab Banerjee before (left) and after (right) the attack in his home

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