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Meat and dairy products may be among the most advertised brands in the market but the importance of food and vegetables in the daily diet cannot be over-emphasised.

Subsisting in a perishable market, dealers in fruits and vegetables must constantly monitor movements and ensure their products are sold before they become unworthy of consumption. As a country of migrants, New Zealand’s population demonstrates an insatiable demand for fruits and vegetables and with more than 140 ethnic groups, the market for these are potent indeed. Valley Fruit Vege and Spices is a significant player in the market and owner Anil Sahay is aware of its responsibility, among which is twice weekly import of good vegetables and fruits from his native Fiji. He and his wife are fully geared to provide customers with low specials everyday and top quality products.

“We also stock wide variety of Indian bulk food, Pooja items, large Indian pots and frozen food,” Mr Sahay said.

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