Auckland Shooting Club to open next month

Venkat Raman 

Police Minister Paula Bennett will inaugurate a new facility to learn and practice shooting in the greater Auckland region next month.

The Auckland Shooting Club, located at 287 Tuhirangi Road, Makarau (next to the Vipassana Meditation Centre), about 47 minutes’ drive from Auckland’s Central Business District.

According to the website of the Club, the primary objectives of the Auckland Shooting Club are to promote safety and education around pistol, rifle and shotgun shooting, provide a complete training programme for members wishing to excel in shooting, organise competition shoots and matches and promote a club culture that supports and encourages new and existing members.

Primary objectives

The Club Committee comprises experienced shooting leaders and those with a genuine interest in promoting shooting sports and running a club that looks after its members.

“Auckland Shooting Club is in the early stages, and seeks to be New Zealand’s premier shooting club hosting local, national and international competitions. Significant progress has been made to date including securing the land for ranges, registering the club with the incorporated societies office and submitting the Club for both Pistol New Zealand and New Zealand Police approvals,” the Website says.

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