Aucklanders shape the future of their City

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The Planning Committee of the Auckland Council adopted on June 4, 2018 the ‘Auckland Plan 2050,’ the strategic plan guiding how Auckland will meet its key opportunities and challenges over the next 30 years.

Planning Committee Chair Councillor Chris Darby said that the refreshed plan plots a course by which Auckland can navigate the challenges facing the city providing a robust framework for future change.

Critical Issues

“Auckland Plan 2050 focuses on the critical issues that we and our children will have to deal with over the next 30 years – the unprecedented pace of population growth, how housing and infrastructure needs are met, ensuring that our prosperity is shared among all Aucklanders, and dealing with the increasing pressures on our stunning environment, not least being climate change.

“The plan outlines how we can address these challenges to achieve more positive outcomes for Aucklanders, reflecting our existing partnerships with central government on key issues, such as transport and housing.

Better transport, housing

“This includes better transport choices, quality and affordable housing, our sense of belonging, Māori wellbeing, protecting the natural environment, and employment opportunities.”

“It not only reflects the Council’s core priorities but also what Aucklanders want for the future of their City with more than 18,700 written submissions and over 5000 people attending feedback events during formal consultation,” Mr Darby said.

An implementation framework will now be developed with a set of core targets and priorities.

Digital First for Council

In a first for Auckland Council, the final Auckland Plan 2050 will be available as a digital plan on the Council website in August 2018.

The first Auckland Plan was adopted in 2012 with a commitment to review it after six years.

“Since the first plan, we have seen significant change in Auckland. It is vital that our refreshed plan reflects these changes, keeping up to pace with the lives of Aucklanders now, and anticipating the challenges of the coming decades,” Mr Darby said.

Early engagement identified better housing, reinventing transport and a healthy natural environment as the fundamental issues for Auckland’s future.

New Quality of life

Feedback in March has led to the development of a new ‘quality of life’ focus area and changes in the timing and number of areas for development. Transport outcomes now reflect the 2018 update of the Auckland Transport Alignment Project (ATAP), a partnership between central government agencies and the council.

The Next steps

“The confirmation of the Auckland Plan 2050 and the 10-year Budget 2018-2028 is the culmination of eight years of integrated planning for Auckland’s future. Auckland Council is the only regional authority to undertake planning on such a detailed and long-range scale,” Mr Darby said.

Source: Auckland Council

Digital View of Quay Street, Auckland City from Auckland Council Website

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