Awards to honour our sporting giants and aspirants

Bhikhu Bhana

The time is rapidly approaching for the Fifth Annual Indian Newslink Sports & Community Awards, to be held at Alexandra Park, Auckland, on Monday, October 8, 2018.

There has been a change in the format this year.

Along with sports nominees, there will also be Awards for some of our past elite athletes, and for emerging and aspiring youngsters, who in future years, may become not only talented in their field of sports but also be the leaders of our Indian community.

The talents of our past and present sportspersons are outstanding. The audience will be proud of their achievements.

Community Awards

Apart from these high-profile athletes, there will be Community Awards for our people who have served communities in various capacities.

We are all very grateful for these respected people.

NZICA Partnership

New Zealand Indian Central Association (NZICA) is partnering and supporting Indian Newslink in providing expertise in the sporting domain.

Sports is an avenue to embrace and help many members of family, community, the public and the Government through this bond of an even-playing field.

It will show to the Indian community, the talent, and a need for all Indians whether young or old, regardless of one’s gender, that everyone can participate, and develop a very healthy body, plus heathy and positive mind.

The Real Winners

While many persons will be honoured at the Awards Night, the real winners will be those attending this event to witness the showcase of the Indian community achievements.

This is a new direction of such Awards, as in any pioneering venture, there will be many learnings and avenues on how to improve the event. This venture will provide the foundation of future for the event to become bigger and better.

The Awards Night will include entertainment and dinner.

Please encourage your friends to make up a table and enjoy the evening together.

For tickets, please contact Venkat Raman on 021-836528 or Ronny Kumaran on (09) 5336377 or 022-1913666. Email:

Bhikhu Bhana is President of the New Zealand Indian Central Association, the largest and oldest Association that represents the Indian Diaspora in New Zealand. The Association is a Partner of our Sports & Community Awards this year.

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