Best Netball Player of the Year

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1. Christine Sami

2. Monica Choy

3. Anita Kumar

4. Priyena Prasad

Winner: Anita Kumar

Judges Comment:

Former Manukau Youth Development Squad member, Anita Kumar has been described as ‘a mid-courter with extraordinary speed, fitness and vision.’

She has played for a number of teams, including the Glen Eden Netball Club, Kara Sports Club, Manukau Rovers, Auckland Viti Netball and Fijian Flyers.

Anita is also actively involved in the ‘Sangam Tournaments,’ in which she has played for the Auckland Sangam Ferns and the Melbourne Sangam Netball Team.

Last year, she was a member of the North Harbour Sangam Team that won the Sangam World Cup in Sydney.

Affectionately called, ‘Kachi,’ Anita is known as ‘a smiling assassin on the court,’ with exceptional skill and flare.

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