Bollywood show faces high degree of challenges

What we see on stage is a result of what happens backstage.

When the lights are off, another show begins.

Dancers changing, props being accurately placed and removed, actors moving on and off, dancers getting into position, all in the dark and in absolute silence – timing is everything!

We have a script for not only what happens on stage when the lights are on, but also when the lights go off.

We face challenge with the production of 360°Bollyood show.

Construction of the stage in the middle of the arena has its complications.

Firstly, there is no traditional backstage area to store props and make costume changes. In this case, there is only one entrance and exit.

After much discussion, we came up with a plan of how actors, dancers and props will move through this one doorway as fast as possible.

Elaborate planning and organisation was needed to get people and props from one place to another at the right time, at the right speed and without anyone getting hurt. It has been a great challenge for us as we have learnt so much through the process.

We love any opportunity that will help us grow and increase our knowledge and experience, include more children, dancers and actors to perform at an international venue on a professional platform.

Stylish Costumes

Jasmeeta Patel is our costume designer, who creates the costumes first and then looks for materials and tailors.

She researches looks, styles, materials and comes up with something beautiful for our production. It is a massive challenge to coordinate costumes for over 80 students, especially when performers have to appear in 20 different costumes for as many dance sequences.

Costumes, which play a major part, have to be ready at least two months before the production to enable dancers to rehearse in them.

Rahul Parbhoo is a member of the Indiance Committee based in Auckland.

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