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Book focuses on New Zealand Muslims


Produced by the Auckland based Iqra NZ Trust, a not-for-profit organisation established last year, the 72-page book aims to promote various aspects of Islam and remove misconceptions.

This reporter learnt more than three decades ago that Iqra means to ‘Read’ or ‘Recite,’ and that it was one of the first commands in the Holy Quran.

A Trust notification said that while many Islamic publications are available worldwide, they are rooted in the practices of a particular country or school of thought, and hence have little relevance or appeal to the people in Muslim-minority countries such as New Zealand.

“The purpose of this book is to provide information focused on New Zealand, since the ‘cultural baggage’ carried by other publications are unlikely to persuade non-Muslims of the beauty of the Deen (religion or way of life) of Islam.”

It is understood that the Trust is run by volunteers including converts to Islam.

“This is a virtual Trust and has no property or other assets, thereby avoiding housing loans, rates, power bills and other overheads.

“Nevertheless, the Trust requires funds for its publishing projects. We would prefer to acquire these funds through the professional running of our publication business, rather than by donations,” the notification said.

Donations can be made to Iqra NZ Trust bank account at ASB Bank St Heliers; account number 12-3027-0019450-00.

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