Boxing Championship bouts in November

Boxing enthusiasts would be able to witness exciting matches leading to Championship titles in Welterweight and Cruiserweight Titles later in the year with the participation of two top pugilists from Fiji.

New Zealand National Boxing Federation Referee and Judge Faiyaz Khan said he would pursue the matter while in Fiji this month on a boxing assignment.

He will be the Referee of the Welterweight Title bout between Junior Farzan Ali and Aisea Natti at the Nadi Prince Charles Park on June 18.

Aisea is a new Challenger, after 29-year-old Opeti Tagi lost his Welterweight title to Farzan on April 2.

“It is a singular honour to be invited again to be a Referee at a prestigious match. I will explore the possibility of bringing two good boxers from Fiji,” he said.

As in the past, ‘Fiji Relief 2000,’ a Charitable Group is organising the annual event in Auckland.

Mr Khan said the matches are aimed at reviving boxing as a good game among the Indian community.

“This is a great sport that calls for intense training, discipline and a good mindset. Boxing was considered a ‘Manly Sport’ in Fiji in the 1970s. It is unfortunate that this is a dying sport,” he said.

According to Mr Khan, given the right environment and encouragement, Boxing could win the attention and following of the younger generation of Indians in New Zealand and Fiji.

“The youth in both countries are rather apathetic towards getting into the ring. As a part of the efforts to revive the game, I readily accepted an invitation from the Fiji Boxing Federation to conduct a two-day ‘Referee and Judges Clinic’ in Fiji in April,” he said.

Boxing matches attract at least 5000 people, who would want ‘action’ throughout the eight-fight programme, he said.

“There is therefore a need for an increasing number of youngsters to enter the ring. They must undergo rigorous training and be physically fit to participate in matches,” Mr Khan said.

If you are interested in Boxing and/or in participating in the forthcoming matches, contact Faiyaz Khan on 021-2609104. Email:

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