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Amar Alluri – 

Brainobrain is a leading Children Institutes for Self-Empowerment.

Established in 2003, it operates through 1000 franchise centres transforming the lives of more than 200,000 children in 30 countries in Asia, Europe, North America, Middle East and Africa.

The first Centre in New Zealand opened recently at Sandringham in Auckland.

Brainobrain aims to develop the skills of the children by focusing on brain skills, life skills and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) skills.

Children are either left brain dominated or right brain dominated. Brainobrain helps them to use both sides of their brain. Such children tap their resources to the maximum potential and remain intelligent for life. They will be successful and highly competent.

Brainobrain Centres give exercises to sharpen their logical and creative brains, increasing their brain power, enhancing their concentration, memory, listening skills, learning ability, creativity, visualisation, self-confidence and decision making.

Life skills: We have specific parts of our syllabus which helps children to develop life skills like leadership skills, communication skills etc. We have creative ways of helping your child understand how important it is to have a right attitude in life.

Modelling Excellence

NLP is a process of understanding engaging in our thinking language and behaviour. It is an art of modeling excellence. Usually, NLP is taught only in corporate and multinational companies. Brainobrain is a pioneer to introduce NLP to children.

The Centres focus on children between four and 14 years of age, with two programmes, namely, ‘Little Bobs’ and ‘Brainobrain.’

‘Little Bobs’ is for children between four and seven years (from Kindergarten to Grade 1 & 2). Children from seven to 14 years (Grade 3 to 9) can join ‘Brainobrain.’ Irrespective of age group, they can join either programme from the first level.

Ten Programme Levels

Brainobrain has 10 levels, each for three months; classes are held once a week for two hours. After three months, at the end of every level, children sit for an examination to earn the International Certificate. The whole program will be completed in three years.

Brainobrain is a friendly programme which brings out the best in children with an emphasis on fun and learning. Though it will take 30 months to complete the whole programme, children will be able to see improvements within six months (by the time the child completes two levels.

Franchise Opportunity

Franchise is now open for Brainobrain in New Zealand. Anyone interested in education and has a passion for teaching will find the programme a great opportunity.

There are more than 1000 proud franchisees playing a significant role in shaping the future world.

Amar Alluri is the Master Franchisee of Brainobrain in New Zealand. He can be contacted on 0800-030800. Website:

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